Lesson 1:
Getting Started With Divi

Learn Why Divi Is The Only WordPress Theme You’ll Ever Need

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What is Divi?

Design Your Website With The Ultimate WordPress Theme

Divi is the most popular premium WordPress theme in the world created by Elegant Themes.

Divi allows you to create pages for your website seamlessly using a drag + drop page-builder. Divi’s super user-friendly, intuitive features are making it become the top WordPress themes on the market.

How does Divi work?

Transform Your Website Building Process

Divi is a page-building tool with content elements that can be used to design any type of website.

Divi will change the way you design WordPress websites, forever. With most WordPress themes, what you see is what you get in terms of the layout and structure for your website. But with Divi, your layout options are aren’t restricted. You can individually design your pages and posts into any layout you want. This is all possible with The Divi Builder.

After you install Divi, your standard WordPress editor will be replaced with The Divi Builder. The Divi Builder offers 46 content elements that you can mix and match to build any type of website you want.

Who uses Divi?

Use Divi On Any WordPress Website

Divi welcomes all WordPress users with any level of coding experience.

Whether you’re…

a beginner with no coding experience…
a tech-savvy entrepreneur who can dabble with basic code… 
a professional web designer who designs custom websites…
an expert web developer who knows WordPress inside and out…

Divi can help anyone build a website.

What is the Divi Library?

Create Your Own Custom Library of Divi Layouts

The Divi Library will cut down the time it takes to build your website in half.
The Divi Library allows you to create your own library of modules + layouts that you can reuse anywhere on your website. Save custom Sections, Rows, Modules and Full Layouts to your Divi Library and reuse them anywhere on your website.

What are Divi Child Themes?

Install a Ready-Made Theme For Your Divi Website

Divi Child Themes hold the design of your website in place.

Divi Child Themes are an important part of your website. They allow you to customize your theme without having your changes get overwritten during updates. Create a blank Divi Child Theme and customize on your own or purchase a pre-designed theme to install.

Is Divi mobile-responsive?

Customize Your Mobile Experience With Divi

Divi allows you to control the front-end experience for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

Having a responsive website is no longer an option – it’s a requirement. Luckily, Divi allows you to design custom layouts based on screen sizes, so you can design with Divi to give your website visitors a professional mobile web experience.

Can I blog with Divi?

Design Your Own Blog Page + Posts With Divi

The Divi Blog Module allows you to display your posts in a creative way.

The Divi Blog Module allows you to display your latest post on your Blog page (or any page). You can also customize your individual blog posts using the drag and drop page builder.

Check this out: How To Style Your Divi Blog Page  

Can I grow my email list with Divi?

Design Your Own Email Opt-Ins With Divi

The Email Optin module connects your email provider to a custom designed sign-up form.

The Email Optin Module works with popular email providers, such as Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Infusionsoft, Aweber + more.

Your Elegant Themes membership also gives you access to Bloom – a plugin for lead generation. This plugin allows even more possibilities such as pop-up forms, fly-in forms, widget forms, and even a form that requires you to sign up before accessing free content.

Can I Sell products With Divi?

Design Your Own Shop Page With Divi

Divi allows you to customize your e-commerce WordPress website.

With Divi, you’ll have a stable, secure + flexible foundation for your e-commerce shop that can be modified to fit all of your needs as your business grows. Divi is compatible with WooCommerce and includes The Shop Module so you can  display your latest products in a creative way.

Download Your Divi Theme

follow these steps:

Log in to ElegantThemes.com
Within the Members Area, find Divi.
Click the Download button.
Save the ZIP file for the next step.

Install The Divi Parent Theme

follow these steps:

Go to your WP Dashboard
Under Appearance, click Themes.
Click Add New button.
Click Upload Theme button.
Click Choose File button, and upload your Divi ZIP file.
Click Install Now.
Once it’s been installed, click Activate.

Create Your Divi Child Theme

follow these steps:

 Under Plugins, click Add New.
Search for One-Click Child Theme.
Click Install Now.
Once it’s been installed, click Activate.
Under Appearance, click Themes.
Find Divi, and click Theme Details.
Click Child Theme button located at the bottom.
Give your theme a name.
Give your theme a description.
Click Create Child.


Welcome to Divi

This is how Divi looks out of the box.

Lesson 2:
Brand Your Divi Website
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