Design With Divi
Get started on a basic website for your creative brand.

Perfect for beginners starting a website from scratch.

How It Works

This free online guide will show you how to set up a basic WordPress website with Divi so you can design and launch a creative website that matches your professional brand.

Follow these free lessons:

1. Build your website.

Gather everything you need to get your website up and running.

2. Install your theme.

Learn why Divi is the only WordPress theme you’ll ever need.

3. Add your brand.

Learn how to customize the Divi theme to match your brand.

4. Add your content.

Learn how to edit pages and add new posts using the Divi builder.

5. Design your theme.

Explore options to take your website to the next level.


6. Unlock free bonus.

Free Divi Layout Pack

Download 4 pre-made Divi layouts to use on your website.

what Is divi?

Divi is a powerful, flexible WordPress theme that can be custom tailored to fit your brand.

This free guide will show you how.

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