Step 1.
Build Your Website

Purchase Your Domain

Follow These steps:

Go to
Enter your desired domain name in the Search Bar.
Click the Search icon.
Locate the available domain, and Add to Cart.
Follow the steps to purchase.

Purchase Your Hosting Plan

Follow These steps:

Go to
 Click Sign Up, and enter your info.
 Click Sign Up to create your account.

Create A New Site

Follow These steps:

 Within your Flywheel Dashboard, select Create A New Site.
Under Select Plan, choose Create A Plan.
 Choose A Plan that fits your needs best.
 Enter your billing info to Make First Payment.
Under Set Up WordPress Site, enter your site info and select Create Site.


Connect Namecheap Domain To Flywheel Hosting


Follow These steps:

 Follow Flywheel’s Guide on How To Point Your Domain to Flywheel from NameCheap.

Go To Your WordPress Dashboard


Follow These steps:

 Turn Off Privacy Mode for your new site.

 Click WP Admin to access your login page and enter your username and password.


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